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Ranging from small doctors surgeries or family practices to some very big health centres or health clinics.

Surgery cleaning typically covers the following:

• Reception
• Waiting Rooms
• Treatment Rooms
• Offices
• Toilet and washroom areas
• Windows

For Doctors Surgeries cleaning must be at the top of any list of priorities. And its very much a case of prevention is better than cure. If surfaces are kept clean they will not attract harmful bacteria.

Although we have the cleaning knowledge and chemicals to kill MRSA and other pathogenic micro-organisms these processes can be expensive for many Doctors Surgeries.

We provide out of hours cleaning for all areas within Doctors Surgeries with bespoke solutions for each customer.


When dealing with blood spillages great care must be taken. The following steps should be implemented.

1. The person responsible for cleaning up the spillage must move patient and other persons away from the spillage.
2. Protective clothing must then be worn: Face Visor, Gloves and Disposable Overalls. Also required will be a yellow plastic sack and disposable cloths.
3. Make sure the room is well ventilated before proceeding.
4. Cover the spillage with Dichloroisocyanurate granules in solution (read instructions for correct solution) and leave to act for approximtely 7 Minutes.
5. Stay away from the spillage while the solution is acting.
6. Mop up the spillage with disposable cloths until the are is clean.
7. Dispose of wipes and protective clothing in yellow plastic sack. Seal the sack and send it for incineration labelled with biohazard tape.
8. Wash and dry hands.
9. Spot clean the area with detergent.

Hygiene in the workplace is important but is of critical importance in premises such as doctors surgeries, health centres or clinics. Master Cleaners Ltd cater for a range of premises such as Office cleaning London as well as contract and commercial cleaning of premises within Greater London and surrounding suburbs.

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